#LivingBreathingChange, it’s an all emergent world!

IMG_2611 (1).PNG

In the last five years, my change journey has been ever accelerating. Agile and Scrum have been a large part of my life and as I learn more, I realize that what I do at work and what I do at life are really one and the same, with the boundaries extremely dim between them.

This journey has been a fun ride. Now I have realized that all change is about emergence. We are emergent as individuals, teams, multi-teams, and even whole organizations. Ideas, solutions, architecture, value realization, customer experiences are all emergent too.

This journey has also been a strange ride, one that started with Agile, a failed XP project in 2002 where we went back happily to Waterfall and then on to Scrum in 2005 and no looking back after that. This journey has made me question every thing that I stand for or believe in, the emergence mindset in action.

It’s taken me on a journey of learning and relearning which includes philosophy, science, psychology, neuroscience, religion, history, economics, anthropology, culture, and has shown me how these are all hugely interrelated and a systemic answer to the change that I practice and help practice.

So why #LivingBreathingChange? When I came up with this caption a couple of years ago, I wanted to continuously breathe change in, that was a goal. Now, I have realized the how of doing it. Breathing actually is “Learning” and not just learning, but putting it to use and practicing the new methods and knowledge every day. And then while practicing, constantly improving it so that you don’t do the same thing again, but try to do something even better. That’s is what #LivingBreathingChange is all about for me.

So go find your own change journey – the change that takes you from where you are, to an always-on Growth Mindset and then just “Enjoy this emergent ride and have great fun with it and while at it!”



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